Dance Program Dress Code Requirements – all grades


Attire: Any fitted black or navy bodysuit, tank top, shorts, or leggings in any combination. Clothing must be fitted in order to see proper alignment. No baggy t-shirts are to be worn during class. Dancers may keep sweatshirts on during warm up, but will be asked to remove them during class. 

Shoes: Half-sole dance shoe in any brand, in canvas or leather. Shoes must be brought to every class.

**Note: Tights must be worn if choosing to wear a bodysuit alone. If wearing the bodysuit with shorts then tights are optional.

Hair: Must be pulled back off the face in a slick ponytail or bun. No ‘fly-away’ hair. Using two elastics to secure the ponytail is strongly encouraged.


Attire: Navy Active Short (per active wear requirements), and a white, fitted t-shirt.

**Note: The standard Summit, logo tee is not suitable as it does not allow for the instructor to see proper body alignment.