Elementary School

At Summit Academy, we firmly believe that active learning will continue to develop our students into life-long learners. This is paramount and fundamental for school-aged children in the early phases of learning. Our elementary program enables learners to begin fostering vital academic skills such as problem-solving, creative and critical thinking, and social development.

Our elementary curriculum is organized and implemented with daily lesson plans facilitated by our group of dedicated educators. We believe that students will continue to achieve academically when taught with a variety of instructive styles and techniques for delivering curriculum. Students will explore their grade-level curriculum by working in whole group discussions, small group activities, independent study, and project-based learning. Active learning allows for students to engage in dynamic lessons and activities, while continuing to comprehend academic concepts and outcomes. With the ability to adapt and enhance the curriculum, our educators believe that challenging and pushing our students further in their abilities academically provides students with the opportunity to shine and achieve their goals.