Fine Arts

Art is an integral part of the curriculum at Summit Academy. Designed to stimulate each student’s sense of well-being and their creativity, it builds on their communication and critical thinking skills, and introduce them to a wide range of artistic activity while having fun. Projects are often tied to the curriculum in other subjects, as we want the students to link disciplines and work with as many mediums as possible including digital technology, purchased art supplies, found and recycled objects and language. Art us taught in different environments to broaden the students’s experiences and visions of art. At Summit Academy, it is our goal that students will not just learn new techniques, but that art will inspire them, inform their ideas, open them up to the world and help them develop strong, multi-faceted character.

Music at Summit is designed to be hands-on, well-rounded and performative in nature. Students work towards developing the theoretical and physical skills needed for music making, and, in later years, students explore the cultural impact and history of music. The curriculum encourages students to be creative, take risks, boost confidence, and draw links between subjects such as math, language, and physical education to name a few. Students at Summit explore singing, ukulele, guitar, recorder, and bucket drums, and get hands on with a variety of other instruments throughout the year including the djembe, mbira, didgeridoo, fiddle, Irish whistle and so much more! There are a number of performance opportunities throughout the year including two in-school concerts, Summit Skate Day, the Summit Rap Battle, and several iterations of our Pop Up Pop Songs program where students perform as a form of community outreach.