Junior Primary

Our exciting, engaging and activity-rich program gives our youngest Summit Academy students the opportunity to play, learn and grow in a play-based learning environment. Through carefully planned and structured activities, with active learning at the core of all we do, our students develop an early love of learning across all areas of the curriculum.

At Summit Academy we strongly believe in educating ‘The Whole Child’ and this begins as soon your child enters our school. We ensure your child is safe, healthy, actively engaged, supported in all that they do and challenged to reach their potential. Our Junior Primary motto is ‘Playing to Learn and Learning to Play’. With an emphasis on taking the time to teach our students age-appropriate skills that develop turn-taking, sharing, social skills, imaginative play, cooperative play, fine and gross motor skills, and independence. Our students are able to express themselves in a safe and positive way.

Junior Primary students participate in a variety of lessons and activities to develop the whole child. Some of the areas we focus on specifically are independence & self-regulation, speaking & listening, reading & writing, number sense & mathematical awareness and scientific exploration & questioning. Our Phonics program introduces the students to books and the words and letters within them, to support reading readiness, promote early literacy and to foster a love of language and reading. Alongside the variety or wonderful daily experiences, our students actively develop their early critical thinking and reasoning skills.

In addition to a fun and meaningful classroom environment, our Junior Primary students are also actively involved in Physical Education, Art and French – all of which have curriculum developed specifically for this younger cohort that is age appropriate.

The Junior Primary program at Summit Academy is an environment where your child will have fun, be challenged in a meaningful and appropriate way, and be taught the early skills necessary to continue their journey as a lifelong learner.

The Junior Primary program at Summit Academy is available to 3-5-year olds, turning 4 by December 31st of the given academic year.

Summit Academy offers part-time Junior Primary Programs that address Primary preparatory readiness outcomes to ensure students are advanced from an educational perspective. For more information click HERE.