Teaching Philosophy

Summit Academy is unique. Active learning is not a theory. It’s our practice. While we follow the outcomes of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD), we believe that learning more than what is in the books is just as important. We strive to incorporate many subjects into each lesson. This means some math and the arts can be taught in the context of a history class; that physics and English can co-exist in a science class.

Our teaching philosophy matches the vision of the school – producing well-rounded students who will thrive in tomorrow’s world. For that reason, we encourage investigation and questioning and guide each child to realize their full potential, establishing them on the path to lifelong learning.

Staffing Philosophy and Complement

Our teachers have high expectations from their students, in the classroom and outside of it as well. Teachers at Summit Academy are subject matter experts with a curiosity for, and ability to teach, other subjects as well. We have built a high caliber mix of energetic and experienced teachers with a passion for the profession and their students, along with younger teachers who bring new enthusiasm and the latest in educational trends and training.