Active Learning Philosophy


Active learning is the backbone of our academic framework at Summit Academy. We are committed to fostering healthy, engaged and active participants in their own learning. This is reflected in the fostering of students’ physical development partnered with active learning classroom environments. At Summit Academy students will have opportunity to exercise and cultivate their athletic abilities on a daily basis. Our educators and coaches will engage students in cross-curricular learning. For example hockey, soccer and dance involve geometry in action and provide kinesthetic learning opportunities.

We offer a strong academic program founded on research-based and reliable, age-appropriate practises of education. We aim to prepare the students for lifelong learning. Our teachers are professional, enthusiastic and passionate about delivering a balanced teaching/learning environment which allows students to be active in their learning. We engage the students in investigation, problem solving, collaborative learning and inquiry that lead to authentic meaning-making.

A high priority to the teaching staff is the development and nurturing of positive self-esteem in each student. We view and value each student as an individual and promote and foster each student’s education.

Active Learning is much more than just the incorporation of activity into the academic day. Active learning is touching, feeling, seeing, doing and ultimately understanding concepts, ideas, theories and much more through experience and participation. Active learning is taking things further than just reading out of a textbook.

Examples of Active Learning


Active learning is touching, feeling, seeing, doing and ultimately understanding! Active learning takes on many forms and looks different depending on the grade and subject being taught. In our Primary/Grade 1 class, active learning is demonstrated in various ways, using everything from ‘Munchie Math’ to solidify the students’ understanding of fundamental mathematics concepts like ordinal numbers, counting and place value, to studying states of matter by making cookies and ice cream to see first hand how matter can change states when heat is added or subtracted. In grade 3, the students engage in active learning by incorporating S.T.E.M based learning into everyday life. For example, these students used S.T.E.M  to design, construct and decorate gingerbread houses during the holiday season. In grades 7 & 8, the students learned about the ecosystems by spending a day on the open waters kayaking with East Coast Outfitters and Dalhousie Seacology.

These are just a few examples of Active Learning at Summit Academy. Our students’ experience active learning constantly in the curriculum, and are stronger and more passionate learners because of it.