Our Philosophy

Academics: A strong and well-developed program, supported by activity-based learning, is the core focus of classroom practice. Students are challenged and encouraged to participate fully in daily learning. We are committed to seeing all of our students succeed, and believe that Summit Academy will help your child realize their potential in and out of the classroom.

Leadership: Our goal is to promote leadership and build character Рintegrity, respect, and camaraderie Рto prepare our students for life. Teachers and mentors will demonstrate character in all situations. We believe that having a school that consciously demonstrates character in how it conducts its business, its learning, and its activities, will provide children with authentic models of behaviour. Our goal is to educate well-rounded young people who have the skills and character to move forward, confidently, in their lives.

Activity: At Summit Academy, activity is not just encouraged, it is expected. Research shows, and we agree, that learning is improved by engaging both the body and the brain. Experiences augment theory, and together they bring learning to life. We offer the best in class instruction in hockey, soccer, dance and a general activity program, including the Arts, to make sure your child is actively engaged in learning.