Summit IGNITE Program


Summit IGNITE is a program that combines creative arts and academics, providing students a unique and exciting educational experience. Participants of Summit IGNITE will have the opportunity to explore new ideas, find new passions, and experience learning in a non-traditional way. Designed to contribute to the development of the whole child, IGNITE is a program for students who are excited learners, ready to stretch themselves, use their imaginations, and grow beyond their current limitations. Students will be empowered and supported in developing personal and professional skills through teamwork, responsibility, leadership, and the power of taking initiative, thus creating forward thinkers and innovative leaders.

According to the World Economic Forum’s ‘The Future of Jobs’ Report, creativity will be one of the top three skills, along with problem-solving, and critical thinking, required to thrive in 2020. Summit IGNITE will instill and enhance these much-needed life skills at an early age, augmenting our student’s skill sets and increasing their growth and future employability.

Summit IGNITE includes but is not limited to the following strands:

  • Culinary Arts
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Photography
  • Robotics
  • Debate
  • Drama/Musical Theatre
  • Electronics
  • Public Speaking
  • Woodworking/Carpentry
  • Coding
  • Nature
  • Forensics

Culinary Arts – It’s never too early to develop a healthy relationship with food. Teaching kids to cook makes them healthier, but it also does a lot more. It helps build awareness around healthy eating habits, what foods are best to fuel their bodies and minds, and gives them the tools to take control of their own health, contribute at home and will further their knowledge of culinary styles. In this program, students will research different foods, discuss healthy eating, plan, prepare, cook, taste and critique their own work.

Forensics – Forensic study is the study of objects that relate to crime. The object is observed, classified, compared, measured, data is interpreted, and inferences are drawn to its value as evidence. Students will hone their creative problem-solving skills by learning to be crime solvers in the world of forensic science.

Engineering (STEM) – In the STEM program, students are encouraged to explore and pursue new interests and skills in many fields. STEM is so much more than four fields of study. It has become a short-form label that includes a diverse set of 21st-century skills and characteristics – ways of thinking about (and solving) the problems that we all face as global citizens. Students will participate in the collaborative discussion, planning, designing and producing ideas, testing for the desired purpose.

Robotics – If you’re interested in engineering, technology or design, then robotics is for you! Join us as we work in collaborative groups to learn the fundamentals of computer programing, 3D modeling, electronics and engineering while designing and building robots.

Coding – The coding elective allows sixth, seventh and eighth-grade students to fully engage and immerse themselves in the world of computer science. CSFirst is a coding program sponsored by Google, its goal is to positively reach students who may not think that they would initially enjoy computer science. Students create projects after following step-by-step instructional videos and they are able to share what they created with their friends in a positive environment.

Finance – From birth, children are inundated with messages from advertisers to “buy, buy, buy” According to the American Academy of Pediatrics a typical kid is exposed to more than one million advertisements by the time they reach 21. To counteract the conditioning to spend, and give children good money management knowledge, teaching kids personal finance lessons becomes essential.

Debate & Public Speaking – Students in this program will learn the major debate formats including public forum debate, parliamentary debate, and policy debate. They will learn to research, collaborate, and apply their knowledge within a public platform. Students will also get instruction on public speaking and applied strategies.

Outdoor Ed – Learn some fun survival techniques, sharpen your bushcraft skills, and enjoy being outside. The outdoor program provides an introduction to basic outdoor and bushcraft skills. Participants will focus equal amounts on discussion, safety, outdoor awareness, being properly prepared, tricks and techniques, and practical bushcraft skills. Students will gain knowledge which can be used in a wide variety of outdoor scenarios from camping, hunting, canoeing, hiking, and many other outdoor situations.

Photography – Photographs allow us to share and communicate in a creative way. Pictures share what we find beautiful and interesting to others. Photographs are our personal story, a timeline of our lives with faces, places, and things that we love. Photographs can be small pieces of a puzzle that come together to complete the larger picture of our lives and thoughts. Photography allows us to express ourselves through an art form. We notice something beautiful, unique, strange, etc…, and we want to capture it. It is a fantastic way to communicate. We are able to find a place for every human emotion in photography, whether expressed through the image or felt by the observer. Students will gain the skills to use photography equipment with ease and the tools needed to refine their art.

Drama – On stage, behind the stage, or directing the stage – Summit Ignite students will have the opportunity to participate in various fun and fast-paced drama activities to build the children’s public speaking, acting, singing, artistic, and social skills. It is certainly not all about acting and dancing, though of course, these elements form the basics of a drama class. Perhaps one of the most important skills your child can learn from drama is self-confidence. Games and exercises used in many drama classes nurture spontaneity, gain the ability to ‘think on your feet’ and use their imaginations, which is something they can carry through to many elements of life. And, of course, at the end of this module, you can expect to see a wonderful performance!

Programming runs from October to March Break. Optional Programming will be available in April and May at an additional cost.