Middle School

With our Middle School students, we believe strongly in the effective nature of experimental and interactive learning. If we can teach with a strong emphasis on how to learn rather than what, and equip students with the means and resources to be creative and critical problem solvers, they will be much better suited for successful adaptation to the societal environments they will enter as they age and mature.

The Middle School curriculum is delivered with a planned structure to the daily lessons, but with room for flexibility. Student feedback, along with other assessment techniques, is used consistently to ensure that information is being received. We believe that students respond well to a variety of different instructive styles. Therefore, we strive to mix direct and indirect forms of instruction with interactive learning, experimental learning and independent study.

Our educators aim to promote thoughtful reflection and assessment, with a distinctive effort to help students become more self-aware of their capabilities, and strengthen their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, while nurturing student communication and interpersonal proficiency. Children often will rise to a challenge when one is presented to them, and at Summit Academy we challenge our students to become the best versions of themselves, both academically and socially.

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