Kids need to move. Educational research proves it. Physical activity keeps children fit, promotes healthy living and gets them ready for the classroom. The result? Students who are better able to focus, making learning experiences more efficient, effective and rewarding.

We are committed to enabling our students to develop healthy bodies and healthy minds. Programming is one way we show this commitment — twice a week, from September to May — on top of regular Physical Education classes.

Students have the opportunity to engage in a sport of choice, or an academic enhancement program. Different activities are offered at different grade levels, and could change from year to year based on student interest level and engagement. For the 2021/22 school year, we will be offering the following programs.

Middle School (Grades 6 - 9)


Our basketball program teaches basketball skills in a positive, challenging environment for all skill levels. Drills and full court games enable our students to work on speed, hand-eye coordination and cardio. Coaches also explore court sense and offensive/defensive talk. Development plans focus on skills such as: footwork; ball control; shooting form; passing; transition offense and defense; boxing-out and rebounding; and, cutting and fakes.


Our hockey program is built upon a foundation of skating — knowing that, often, the best skaters are the best players — from the net through to centre ice. We emphasize power skating, with one of Nova Scotia’s premier power skating coaches. Add to that position-specific practice from some of the leading hockey instructors around, and your hockey player will get the one-on-one instruction needed to get the most out of the game.


With a focus on skill development and fitness for the pitch, for indoor and outdoor seasons, your child will benefit from low student to instructor ratios and direct contact with the coaches.


IGNITE is a unique program that combines creative arts and academics, providing students an exciting educational experience, with the opportunity to explore new ideas, find new passions, and experience learning in a non-traditional way. IGNITE includes drama, photography, visual arts, robotics, coding, architecture, debating, business and fine arts.

Upper Elementary (Grades 3 - 5)

Hockey Development

Since our hockey program is built upon a foundation of skating, students begin to develop skating skills at this level.


PEAK stands for Physical Education, Activities and Kinetics. It is more in-depth than the Junior Programming, and includes sports as well as other activities.

Lower Elementary (Primary - Grade 2)

Junior Programming

Students participate in modules that introduce them to various sports, creative arts, and academic enhancement experiences. Activities could include skating, team games, net sports, soccer, basketball, acting, cooking and technology. These activities provide a sample of the types of modules they will experience in programming from Upper Elementary onward.

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