Summit IGNITE Program

Summit IGNITE is a program that combines creative arts and academics, providing students a unique and exciting educational experience. Participants of Summit IGNITE will have the opportunity to explore new ideas, find new passions, and experience learning in a non-traditional way. Designed to contribute to the development of the whole child, IGNITE is a program for students who are excited learners, ready to stretch themselves, use their imaginations, and grow beyond their current limitations. Students will be empowered and supported in developing personal and professional skills through teamwork, responsibility, leadership, and the power of taking initiative, thus creating forward thinkers and innovative leaders.

According to the World Economic Forum’s The Future of Jobs Report, creativity will be one of the top three skills, along with problem-solving, and critical thinking, required to thrive in 2020. Summit IGNITE will instill and enhance these much-needed life skills at an early age, augmenting our student’s skill sets and increasing their growth and future employability.

students holding a big check
Today’s IGNITE students could be tomorrow’s leaders — empowered to take initiative and develop future-focused skills through teamwork, responsibility and innovation.

Programming runs from October to March Break. Optional Programming will be available in April and May at an additional cost.

Summit IGNITE includes but is not limited to the following strands:

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