Summit Skill Sessions

Kids need to move. Educational research proves it. Physical activity keeps children fit, promotes healthy living and gets them ready for the classroom. The result? Students who are better able to focus, making learning experiences more efficient, effective and rewarding.

We are committed to enabling our students to develop healthy bodies and healthy minds. Summit Skill Sessions show this commitment — twice a week, from September to May — on top of regular Physical Education classes.

The objective of the Summit Skill Sessions is to provide our students with the opportunity to take part in a variety of physical and mental experiences that complement their academic education. Modern research has demonstrated incontrovertible evidence that consistent physical activity helps all students in a variety of ways, and especially academically. It remodels the brain for peak performance on all fronts - it prepares the brain to learn; and, facilitates retention.   

Summit Skill Sessions will include sport-specific training, non-traditional life skills, and academic enhancement experiences that will help prepare students to be active members of our community, both at Summit Academy and at large.

Summit Skill Sessions are Part of the Curriculum for Students in Grades 3 - 9


Our hockey program is built upon a foundation of skating — knowing that, often, the best skaters are the best players — from the net through to centre ice. We emphasize power skating, with one of Nova Scotia’s premier power skating coaches. Add to that position-specific practice from some of the leading hockey instructors around, and your hockey player will get the one-on-one instruction needed to get the most out of the game.

Middle School (Grades 6-9) Hockey Skill Sessions
Elementary (Grades 3-5) Hockey Skill Sessions


PEAK which stands for Physical Engaged Active Kids, combines science and technology, sports, health and wellness, creative learning and more.
Elementary (Grades 3-5) PEAK
Middle School (Grades 6-9) PEAK

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