The Four Pillars

An active mind is an engaged mind — forming an enlightened, dynamic, caring person who can make a difference in the world. Our four pillars guide this outcome in everything we do. We encourage our students to immerse themselves in knowledge. Often, when learning something new, they can see it, touch it, write about it, and understand real life examples. There are no stale rows of desks at Summit. We work in small groups, gathered around tables, engaging with each other. Summit's culture confirms our focus on community engagement promoting teamwork and leadership; passion for achievement in academics, the arts, sports and citizenship. It ensures children feel safe, supported and loved. It’s not a singular approach. We nurture the entire child.

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    Thorough, robust and enriched instruction with impressive standards.

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    Active Learning

    Tactile, participatory education that moves students away from desks and into the real world.

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    Physical Activity

    Sports and athletic programs, extended physical education time and truly active classes.

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    Respect for the rights, differences and dignity of everyone, celebrating individual uniqueness.

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